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What “Arranging 家系(KAKEI, Family-Tree)” is–part 1–

I am wondering only human being like me who perceive energy, information, 波動(Hado,wave motion) and frequency can understand it?


I think you who have harsh reality for long time owing to “it” know

that how hard it is and it’s not an easy job and thing you can do in a fun and in lightly.


What is “it”….

Yes it is “Energy and information of Family-Tree”.

To put it simply, it’s everything you inherited from your ancestors.


Therefore, for full-scale “Arrangement of Family-Tree”,

first you will take “session”

and from energetic point of view and scientific point of view

we will explain what “Energy and information of Family-Tree” is and what impact it has on offspring specifically.


As we explained it in more detail in “Terakoya”,

so I guess they understood true fear of it and the importance of arrangement of “Energy and information of Family-Tree” significantly.


Anybody can practice “High Dimensional Navi Water”(MV product) ; one of the arrangements of “Energy and information of Family-Tree”.


However, regarding “Secret goods for arranging Family-Tree” which is greater than “High Dimensional Navi Water”,

I feel that your certain understanding and resolution, also, you need something like enthusiasm.


I believe that “Energy and information of Family-Tree” is very big as that.


Though I explain it in MV session, too, when I send “Secret goods for arranging Family-Tree” I attach something like notice again.


Having such consciousness such that is very important.


Because it will affect your subsequent changes 🙂


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 24 2015


To be continued.