Daily Archives: 2015-10-29

Today is remote healing day♪- after returning from a world without words…

There is a few remaining this month 🙂 

Then, November, December…and the new year will come soon. 😯 


I know being in a hurry is meaningless, but I feel rushed somehow…

At the same time, I think “let’s live cherishing the moment”.


Yesterday I entered energy-saving mode with unfinished blog.

Because, today I have big sessions and remote healing and I would like to allocate my energy for that.


I have big sessions especially this week and I have used my energy and brain very much.

I think it would be a training for me.


The more use your energy and brain, the more you can handle them.


In my session, my consciousness is far from the mode of consciousness when we engage in a social life normally,

so it takes a little time to coming back to the normal mode.


The deeper your consciousness goes into, “the less words come out from me”.

I dive into world without words.

I perceive world without words.

Therefore, my brain takes a little time to switch to language mode.


Then, after all,

The heavier and harder the information and vibration of the world I enter, the less words come out from me.

In the case, something like my brain antenna and sensor catches noise.

Well, because of the influence of the information, vibration and energy, it’s hard for me to speak.


The other day, I went to see a family-tree and a deceased person. After the work ( I went to there to get information), I became “ Well, well…..”.


A client who saw me in such a condition for the first time was surprised a little bit.


“The information made me so… If the deceased person was XXX to XXX, it would be hard for XXXX”


“Yes, right…Therefore, XXXX is XXXXX”.


This week, such a situation continues to, so I couldn’t finish writing a blog yesterday…


However, I can say that I like to research.

I have observed my brain condition.


How my brain will be if human being’s brain goes back and forth the field which has a broad range?

How my brain will change? (evolve)?
Well, I think there’s a possibility to break my brain. 😉 

Thinking of that, I will give up as it can’t be helped if that happened.


These preliminaries have gone on too long!


I am after a big session today, too, so I am in the situation of “Well,well, aww…” 🙂 

I can say that, that’s why more easily I can go into work of “Remote Healing”; a world without words…


I do great work until 9:00pm today with this mode.

My consciousness and energy are in perfect condition, today as well.

Please be excited about tonight remote healing. 😉 

From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 23 2015