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Even I read self-improvement book, spirit vision, fortune-telling, Feng-Sui, Spiritualism and hospital, nobody…–part 2–

Thank you for the hard session.

I am lucky that I could take your session at my age.


I understood that things I had inherited from generations to generations, information piled up over a half century and my brain was lump of negative.

My brain has been covered by XXXXX….

I understood that it’s impossible to be XX and XXX with the situation regardless of my hope.

Yes, I comprehended.


No matter how much I read self-improving books and

No matter what I consulted with clairvoyant, fortune-teller, Feng-Shui, Spiritualism, doctor and anybody,

No matter how I made an effort, I couldn’t make it.

I had been wondering about my actions.

I understood feigned ○○ and cold heart.


I wonder what my life would be like today if I couldn’t meet Maaya.

Uneasiness, sallow and hate…I can imagine.


After the session, I felt as if my brain and body weren’t mine….

I did —-many times, and I got home shrugging off strong sleep.

I fell down rather that slept due to fatigue I had never experienced.


Next day I realized when I went out with XX.

The morning sun, getting warmer gradually…

It’s like when I received energy from Maaya.

I thought sunlight and energy are the same?


In the morning, my brain and body were unstable but in the afternoon I didn’t feel strange.

My brain is calm, quiet and neutral.

Nothing, no worldly thoughts.

Like, I was watching this moment only relaxing.


Speaking of which, I used to eat without tasting food as if I was rushed to do so, but today was not.


After X days,

I think my brain was refreshed.

I feel I am not troubled by special feeling to others and tenacity I had anymore.

My work is going well.


I will look my own feeling always, and I will email you if there is any change.


Thank you very much.


Human beings are composed of various things: energy, brain, memory, feeling, information, body…


Only approaching to lump of meat (body) is not enough.

Only doing something to home you live is not enough.

Only changing food you eat is not enough.

There is no use in asking ghost or ancestoric things only for some experts who don’t understand brain, information world and unseen world multi-dimensionally.

MV thinks that those  who live their lives according to fortune-telling, destiny or palm were asleep.( This is deep part, so I would like to deliver it in Terakoya)


Anyway, without grasping human being’s problem and condition

Multi-dimensionally, high-dimensionally

From upper and lower

and extract problem and find a clue to solution,

human being’s problem won’t be solved.



It’s really complicated.

No, it may be simple…but it’s complexly intertwisted.


Well, after all it may be simple.

It may be the world, like, if only you can undo intertwisted strings, cause is only one.


I believe that if many people understand “ holistic solution” in true meaning, many people can live easily on this earth.


Well, how well MV can do 🙂


Past feelings you are holding on, energy, memory, huge negative unconscious notion, XXX which involved in you before you realized it (your own feeling and energy are XXXed and XXXXed as if you were on wires, a puppet…)


We changed the situation, so I understand that she said.

> I felt as if my brain and body weren’t mine….


It’s original, true herself and condition.

It shall have great influence on people around herself 😛


The end

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 30 2014