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Even I read self-improvement book, spirit vision, fortune-telling, Feng-Sui, Spiritualism and hospital, nobody…–part 1–

Well, I and Shin basically thinks that:

“I solve my own problems by myself”

“I continue to make an effort of what I am not good at until I become good at”

We have lived in that way.


Especially, I couldn’t imagine that I lived receiving somebody’s help (even my parents) since my childhood and adolescence, (because I thought it meant that looser).

Therefore, no matter what my body had been, I had worked. (because I wanted to and paid all the living expense, rent, utility and food by myself)


Getting public support and getting hospital’s help

( Of course, serious sick people need the supports)

There were no such words in my dictionary from the beginning.


I crouch down on futon.

I spend anguishedly at home.

I can’t act a function in a society.

I can’t enhance my life.

I had never thought of such things.


Of course, if my problems, physical condition and situation get better with the supports of parents, public and hospital, that would be great.


If they are helpless, I should set out to solve my own problems alone.

This is right, isn’t it?


Though I will deliver it in detail in Terakoya[seminar] step by step,

if taking support of somebody is becoming normal for you, you will have “being spoiled habit” “habit of idleness” and “losing habit”.



Then, you will be “a spoiled misunderstood” and “impertinent person using only head and mouth without any action” if you don’t reform these habit somewhere in your life.


After all, looking back on my life I think you had better move on setting teeth even if you are in pain.


If I have three habits; “being spoiled” “ idleness” and “losing ”, MV would have been never born .


The difference between I and people who shut themselves in at home being defeated among who experienced similar things as mine is

“being spoiled habit” “ idleness habit ” and “losing habit ”

I think there is no other points than these points.


However, I think in this world there are a lot of things only struggling can’t lead you to solve problems.


In addition to that, if your problems involve others: your family, partner and kids…

It’s not the time for saying:

“I solve my own problems by myself”

“I continue to make an effort of what I am not good at until I become good at”



If the involvement is hard, it will unmoved, so it will take time.


However, these days MV had chances to help individual and family who were in such a situation,

and I thought I am pleased to run MV.

Also,  I would like to say they were lucky they could find MV.( because there are cases it’s too late)


Next is from one of them…


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 30 2014