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Improve your thought about money –Family Tree, Ancestor–

This is XXX. Thank you as always.

I would like to write about Remote Healing, and thank you very much.

Previous healing was related to money, and it was exactly what I had needed.


My left hand started to smart terribly since 15mins before the start time of remote healing.

( I guess left is related to XXX) Actually, XXX passed away and I was on the way to the funeral during the remote healing.

Later, I felt that confined feeling about money and property started to float…

Well, because I was asked to renounce the right of inheritance on behalf of XXX by XXX regarding money XXX had left.

At that time, I was already a grow-up and I put my signature on the document without asking for detailed explanation feeling sad.

The memory came back.

I felt that the part I thought dirty came out.


I think taking remote healing was an opportunity to consolidate my thought about money relating to my old undigested feeling.

(Now I am thinking MV Navi Water is needed to the ancestor of my parents’ home)


Yes, you may had better to do so 🙂


Yesterday I ordered MV Misty for Money.

I would like to heal myself and move on.

I am looking forward to the product arrival(^-^)
Also, what I wished by MV Magic Sheet this new year is now moving on. ( though I had issues when I wished at that time(^_^;), so I am so happy.

I would like to report you about it later.


Well, the thought about “money” is not healthy in this world regardless of what period and where from.

Many people put money higher than themselves…

In that way, they can’t face money well and you can’t earn and use money well.


I would like to remove things stuck to you more and more by remote healing.


I am glad that Terakoya, session, MV goods and other events are working well for you.


Like her, many people have “binding” due to the cause of family line and ancestors,

so I hope you have chance to use “High Dimensional Navi Water System” which you can use and approach it easily.


Obon in Japan is coming soon.

Please use “High Dimensional Navi Water System” for yourself.


Next, let me please write a blog about MV definition of “service for ancestor”.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 6 2014