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MV’s definition of “service for the spirit of ancestors”

MV theories, MV laws…These are not in old and low conscious dimensional world.


Therefore, our interpretation to “service for the spirit of ancestors” is different fully.


Without common words you will think that “What is this for?”  so MV uses the word, “service for the spirit of ancestors”.


As I wrote a blog previously.



Most things which don’t go well for you and you are not good at are because of the environment of your family tree (ancestors), parents, childhood and adolescence.


I will explain it in Terakoya[seminar]  and session in detail,

but you may know that sort of things of your ancestors are inherited to you scientifically…the experimental result came out.


Well, MV(Maaya Village) is the world I unraveled invisible world I perceive,

and “High Dimensional Navi Water System(A product)” and “Secret Goods” were created from it.


Incidentally, general definition of “service for the spirit of ancestors” may be:

To hold memorial service for great and precious ancestors who gave us body and family name or poor ancestors who haven’t rested in peace yet after the death for some reasons, who have left persistence and heavy memories on this world.


However, MV definition of “service for the spirit of ancestors” is:

“To cut unfavorable energy and information, or transform minus energy and information for yourself”


Energy and information of family trees (ancestors ) created and inherited for many generations is big “RUT”,

and without raising up your consciousness and knowledge

you can’t bail out of the big and strong “RUT” normally.


Therefore, MV goods including “High Dimensional Navi Water System” which transform family tree’s energy an information are to help people who are stuck in the rut.


I have sensed ancestor energy, information and worlds including the spiritual world what is called,

and I found out “The Universal Pure Consciousness Space” by my antenna of consciousness.

That’s why I could create the system. It’s amazing system.

* It’s the system can’t be created without viewing those structure and system from above and knowing everything about those, can’t be created by person whose consciousness is low even he or she is sensitive to something ghost or energy.


I guess there are many people who have done “service for ancestor” which is old paradigms or low consciousness dimension.

I think something awful happened to who are sensitive to something ghost?


It is the same things as previous “MONEY” world, you can’t improve and control the information and energy of “family tree(ancestor)” and “sprit of ancestor” without treating them from above.


Putting spirit of your ancestor higher than yourself,

Putting spirit of service for ancestors higher than yourself,,

You can’t change yourself, family-tree and descendant no matter how long it’s been.


Dear all, please understand and sink it into the mind!

It’s the structure of energy, information, consciousness and dimension…so there is nothing for it. There is no choice.


Very few people know the structure fully and have a perfect command of it.

I am very happy that who found out MV are getting to understand it gradually.


MV will continue to deliver these structure of energy, information, consciousness and dimension for you who have chance to find MV to be able to have a command of these things.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Aug. 6 2014