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Good wife’s power –husband’s fortune in life, work and money is going up more and more –Part 2–

I am more than happy, but my husband is XXX and the amount of work has increased,

so I would like to use the TWO to strengthen Hado (wave motion) ^^

These days I am getting a lot of job requests aside from XXXXX. (My income is increasing!)

The reason I can work with XXX as I would like to,

The reason I could achieve the target number with XXXX work and

Consequently I can earn money with it,

Is because, as Maaya said:

>Copying Hado (wave motion) energy of “Good match, popularity, attraction and beauty world”

Work, relationship, chance and information… All the things will be brought by human beings…

It’s no exaggeration to say that.

That’s it.

I couldn’t agree more.

Now I can understand visibly. Awesome!!

Seeing my husband for this one year I can say that truly.

Thank you in advance.☆


<Wife’s support> is bursting!

This blog is the series of “Let’s lead husband to be happy and lucky in secret! 😉 


MV cards are effective, too, but you take “Remote Healing” every month, don’t you?

Making your fundamental vibration and information high dimensional by <Remote Healing>every month, a single MV good works very well.


After all, it’s helpful to fix yourself often.


When a container is good, effect of great Hado (wave motion) energy will be produced promptly.

When a container isn’t good, great Hado (wave motion) energy will work on fixing the container and the effect may be weakened.

Something like that.


By the way, as  previous wives,

It’s joyful to see your husband beside you having satisfactory and happy life having confidence in himself, isn’t it.

If it’s your strategy, plan, so much you are happy.


Human beings get uneasy when they can’t control themselves by themselves.

For an instant, person with obsessive-compulsive characteristics, agoraphobia and panic disorder.


When you can see the change of the number of body weight meter by some diets, you can be confident of controlling yourself by yourself, and sometime the joy gets your confidence and motivation back.


Things uncertain, like fate, destiny, life, fortune…

Actually, you can control them.


Of course, it’s impossible to do without various MV high dimensional wisdom.


Many people believes that they can’t control and adjust things uncertain like fate, destiny, life and fortune by themselves and they just are played by them.

Therefore, many people get uneasy to living itself.

Therefore, many people fall into fortune-telling or XXX religions.


However, like previous wives I described,

If your consciousness understands why MV goods and healing are effective in MV session or Terakoya and use MV goods appropriately,

“Ah? I can control my life and my husband’s life making some touches!! “

Then, you can be a supreme ruler of your life.


In MV staff meeting, I explained exactly it. (This year the number of MV staff is increasing)

I will include such a content in coming Teraoya. Yes, it’s important.
Work, relationship, chance and information…

All the things will be brought by human beings…

It’s no exaggeration to say that.


That sums it up well.


 If you can’t get along with yourself and others well naturally, work, relationship, opportunity and information won’t arise.


It’s fine that you are not good at getting along with yourself and others if you would like to live poor and alone forever.


If it’s not, you should be good at social relationship.


Of course, contents like “communication seminar” in towns teaches are no useful. 🙂

I am very pleased to hear that you related to MV live happily and smiley and degree of happiness is increasing. 🙂 

I think that let’s work on MV activity harder! 🙂 

From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 17 2015