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Good wife’s power –husband’s fortune in life, work and money is going up more and more –Part 1–

Thank you for the brain card.

Every time we get cards, my husband changes for the better. This is interesting.

This time, seems he started to do something and he is keeping it a secret with me.

He looks he is having fun.


The message is from a wife who has practiced” husband transformation plan” and “family tree innovation” by various MV cards without MV characters, without telling her husband.


This is “for husband!”

A couple is in the same boat, so it can’t be that only one of you to be happy, lighter and enhance your good fortune and life.


If you are a good wife, please transform your husband for the better more and more♪


As I wrote it on my blog before, when your partner touches and is influenced by something strange energy, information and vibration, you ( and your family, kids and pets) will be influenced in an instant.


Whether you sense or being influenced varies from person to person, but definitely you will be influenced.


If so!!,

For you!, it’s for you.

If you have children, it’s for your children, too. Please fix your husband.


It’s very important to fix your husband, a provider of your family 🙂 


The other day, for the first time, Shin, my partner found out something I have done consciously

and to my actions and thought he said that I am a role model of wife.


I am sure that good wives are making efforts for their husbands and families.

MV supports such wives!


From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 17 2015