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Psychic, Medium, 波動(Hado,wave motion) perceiver, Telepath or Brain d○sorder… -Part1-

Sometimes I tell that:

This blog started from like “For you who are sensitive to something ghost and energy”,

so some people think “It may be me!”.


“The symptom and what this person said is something wrong…it’s not like Hado(wave motion)perception, medium and common curse by spirits? What this person said and this person’s symptom…what is that?”

*Regarding normal curse by spirits I know what symptom and change will be caused, because I have seen them through my family since I was a little girl, so I can discern.

This is special education? 😉 

I think of it often, so I have observed and searched in my own way.


Of course there are people who are sensitive to ghost and energy simply.

Well it may hard for you to distinguish, but MV can do that.

Actually, there are cases that they senses because of different cause.


In case of standard Hado perception, energy perception, telepathy and something ghost perception,

there is neither auditory hallucination nor auditory hallucination.

Surely, it’s difficult to sense right information correctly if you have something like panic symptom or you are neurotic.


In my case, I always had doubted myself, “it’s because of me”, so I have recorded what I sensed and symptom when I perceived something.

If it’s true perception, it makes complete sense.
To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 25 2014