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You never ever open your eyes to the reality?-Slavish life bound by fortune telling and Aka○hic records- Part-2

“You are the center of your universe”

“Handling your own consciousness as a tool”

These are what I have written often on the blog.


If you understand the meaning truly, you won’t need fortune-telling, Aka○hic records, psychic world, automatic writing and channeling anymore.


You can graduate from “just getting answer” world.


Then, this blog, MV goods copied Hado(wave motion), remote high dimensional quantum healing, Terakoya is for you to understand that:

“You are the center of your universe”

“Handling your own consciousness as a tool”


Then, energy, 波動(Hado,wave motion), notion, vibration, frequency world and our consciousness determines all.

Therefore, if you have issues in your real life, those above are your causes.


In MV session, the causes of their problems come to light for us,

but when their understandings are soaked in low dimensional thought of the earth too much or their brains are not working well,

I think our advises won’t be comprehended by them.


Anyway, MV is not

Fortune-telling which can’t resolve anything

Akashic records which can’t resolve anything

Past Life Therapy which can’t resolve anything

Spiritual counseling to conform you

Monta Mi○○’s telephone counseling.


As MV have resolved various problems which such worlds couldn’t resolve, let me say that that directly.

MV is “energy problem institution” for you to resolve such problems.


We have resolved problems couldn’t been resolved by ○○’s method, psychic, 風水(Feng-shui), way of ○in and ○ang, success motivation, spiritualism, standard popular healing and energy work.


Owing to dimensional problem, various problems which can’t be resolved by low dimensional world and old paradigm method have been piled up on the earth.


I am waiting for the day will come when people understand true dimension, consciousness, energy, frequency world eagerly… until I die… well, probably it’s impossible.


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 27 2014