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Maaya’s blog strewn with jewelry

Today, we did productive session, too.

One of them said that:

“After I attended Main Terakoya held on March 1 and reviewed Maaya’s blog, I noticed that there were a lot of awesome content in your blog.

Also, contents you have delivers were consistent from the beginning.

I have read your blog simply but until now I didn’t notice what you really meant and the importance of the contents.

Though I have read your blog for a long time….I didn’t understand MV at all.

Maaya have written great blogs since long ago…

Your  blog was strewn with many jewels.

I am trying to summarize your blogs which I think it is that!

Finally, I started to understand what Maaya continues to deliver.


Today, who has known MV for a long time said so.


MV has depth, high conscious dimension, great degree of conscious freedom and great degree of down-to-earth.


There may be people

who only see a part,

who understand twisting and making things small in their own way,

who understand mixing it with other ideas.

who think they understood picking only parts up…

because of their life experience, quest level, age, the amount of knowledge they stored , depth of their awareness, “filter”, degree of transparency of “glasses” and their habit.


If you are a specialist who have huge knowledge and have an eye with great own experience,

you would notice the value and fortune and try to take advantage of them for yourself.

“Wow, a lot of jewels are lying here!! These are valuable and precious raw stones…I will bring back them at any cost”


However, if you are an amateur who don’t know anything about jewel, not to mention, don’t know about gemstone before grinding, would pass by without finding that a lot of jewels are lying here.


This means what MV often says:

“Let’s acquire knowledge”

“Let’s get ability to think

“Let’s have experiences”


Therefore, MV focuses on “The Universal Terakoya”.

Who would like to transform your life by yourself should know true knowledge and laws first of all.


That will be material for you to determine if it is gemstone or common stone.


Well then, MV understand those things well.

MV won’t say anything to you just because you don’t understand.

We only watch over you with love and care? No it looks we are great, so we just kept watching you.

MV won’t change the attitude to everyone from now on too.


MV only keeps delivering same things patiently by every possible means to people in front of me as they can have real wisdom and eyes to look real knowledge someday.

From Maaya’s JP blog on June 24 2014