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I was impressed–how my neck was light actually—Seven Days in Tibet 4

>I didn’t notice until now…My neck had been heavy very much!?

I was used to the past condition, so I didn’t notice that my neck had been heavy at all.

I was moved to know that my neck were light, actually.


Thus, I am happy that you noticed that.

Because I, myself was so, I am more happy to know that you had noticed that. 🙂



Originally, you are more “fine”. True you are supposed to be more shining.

Knowing invisible side a little bit more and dealing with it properly, you can bring out your own further “pleasant” and “glow”.


There is light, pleasant, free, high dimensional and invisible world as MV,

not only old, heavy, dark, poor and strict invisible world.


I hope you learn and take advantage of it.

To be frank with you, I was so.

I could bring out my further “pleasant” and “glow” in my inside by many MV theories…”.


I established Maaya Village with such a thought.

Then, I have the thought, so I can keep MV activity around the clock.


It’s heavy for who are sensitive to energy to do energy work.

Such a person, like me, can continue to do energy work because of the thought.


When you start something, the first “motive” is important.

I have delivered it in MV Terakoya.

I guess you understood that more deeply by my real story, didn’t you?


How will you plan your life using your own precious life and life time?

I hope you will frame the plan of your life lovely.

I would be happy to be of any help to you for your lovely life.


Well, for that, I should sleep tonight 😉

Ah…but now I became more wakeful.



The end.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 25 2015