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I was impressed–how my neck was light actually—Seven Days in Tibet 3

Yes, it’s about when I went to Tibet I wrote it many times on this blog.

*Many people who were active and no physical problem in Japan fell down and laid up…

In the situation, only me, I flied around till midnight and ran up the staircase of “Potala Palace”as skipping.

May be my body places great importance on energy and information than low oxygen matter. ( Not like normal human body)

Anyway, energy easily flew and flows in my body.

Therefore, when great energy flows in my body, I became like Super Saiyan 😛


With the experience, using my body I understood deeply that “Human’s health and physical condition is influenced by invisible energy, vibration and information very much”.

“Potala Palace”, Lhasa, Tibet
Ki(qi), energy, information and vibration… probably such things suited me.
Definitely, rather than in Japan!


The comforts made me think I would live here!


Because, because, because…

It’s the first time in my life my body was light, lively, healthy and energetic on this earth!!! (I have traveled overseas many times. )


“If I can live easily here, living on this planet won’t be hard to me any more”

I thought of it seriously!
Elevation or difference of language and culture didn’t matter to me.
For the first time in my life I had feeling of refresh in Tibet. 🙂 


After I came back to Japan from Tibet, I contacted to Tibet to immigrate to Tibet. 😛 


If I moved to Tibet, I wouldn’t be together with Shin. Also, MV mightn’t be established 🙂 


The story has been prolonged.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 25 2015