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I was impressed–how my neck was light actually—Seven Days in Tibet 1

Every day I get a lot of emails from you. Thank you so much

Hoping that you can enjoy my blog, I write blog every time. 🙂 

Now it seems I can’t sleep now, so I am writing this blog now 🙂


Thank you as always.

Ghost Ejector PRO( MV product) and other goods I ordered was delivered to me.

I used eye mask and neck-band immediately, and these are great!

My eyes get often tired, so I applied Ghost Ejector PRO onto eyelids lightly. Also, eye mask is comfortable in use and removed fatigue!! I would like to use it all day long♪

Regarding neck-band, I was surprised.

It refreshed the base of neck and my neck became light!

I didn’t notice until now…My neck had been heavy very much!?


I was used to the past condition, so I didn’t notice that my neck had been heavy at all.

I understood now the meaning of you said my neck was heavy in session.


I get their conditions in session, email and skype, so probably I said so to her.


Superfluities get stuck onto neck and back easily. Please take care.
Of course, because of physical problems many people feel something wrong with neck or shoulder.


Physical problems, in addition to that, informative and energy problems.

Therefore, you feel heavier or sense something wrong.

There are many such cases.


In such cases, even you do physical care (massage or chiropractic), you won’t get better completely.

I think you need both cares (physical and non-physical)


Well, besides eyes, there are invisible influenced parts: ears, skin, knees and foots…whole body 🙂

I was moved to know that my neck were light, actually.

I would like to take care of my neck every day!!

Thank you for creating wonderful goods (*^-^*)

To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 25 2015