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What “Arranging Family-Tree” is–part 2–

I received an email from a person and I responded below:
(I have never met the person, and seems she doesn’t know what MV’s “Arrangement of Family-Tree” is, so I wrote the email below.)


Dear ○○○ 

To be honest, after all, I think you had better deepen understanding of “Arranging Family-Tree” before you start arrange your family-tree.

Therefore, I guess you would like to take MV session first.

It will be a good reference, so I will write it on blog later.   

Other goods for “Arranging Family-Tree” are expensive.

After all, I think you had better to start arrange your family-tree after you understand what “arranging family-tree” is

I am going to inform it on one of MV community on this blog, so I hope you shall read it. 

Warm regards, 





How much your “Energy and Information of Family-Tree” has influenced on you.

How much valuable “MV Secret Goods” which created by energy of “宇宙純粋意識領域(Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki)” and my deep understanding for your bad influence, negative energy and information.(It shall transform “quality of life”, “direction of life” and “fortune” of one person, no, more than one human being.) 


Putting into practice after understanding it fully is the absolute best

Otherwise, many people tend to say “this is impossible” and “that is impossible” finding reasons. 

However, if you can comprehend it, on the contrary, awareness,” I will do no matter what happens!” will be born. 


Putting things you don’t know much into practice is not good and I think understanding the meaning and effect of it well is for you. 

It doesn’t apply only to “Arranging of Family-Tree”, and people who are serious about life truly don’t mention reason why they can’t do.

They think only how they can make it.

After all, I guess they can see goal they would like to reach.


It’s the same as above, who would like to “arrange Family-Tree” seriously won’t mention reason they can’t do. 


There are people who can’t do because of physical problem. It can’t be helped.

I will try to work out for such people.

I would like to inform the method later. 


In short, what I would like to deliver is that:

I am very serious about arranging and fixing your “Energy and information of Family-Tree” and it is energy fight at the risk of my life. 

Therefore, I attach these sentences. 


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 24 2015