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Man of future ? –Hado(wave motion) and energy perception–2

In front of mirror at my office alone,

Maaya was listening to (let my sensor work) energy coming to me, meddling in me, energy in the air around me.

“Mmm? Something is strange. This is not my problem…”

I enhanced accuracy of my sensor furthermore.

“Un? I am doing___of_____?”

“Who is that?”


I asked Shin for his support:

“Well, it seems that I am doing ___ something of ___.

Can you dig for that together? 

Because of the energy, my sensor became dull a little bit”.

Now Shin understands such a world as I understand it, so I can discuss such a topic with him easily.


Of course, he had never been like that before,

but for the past 10 years, every time I appealed something unusual, things were coherent happened.

That’s to say, it’s had been proved that it’s not my imagination or misunderstanding,

and he started to understand that my sensor surely grasped something with precision and that’s all there is to be , so he has sufficient understanding as mine now.


By the way, returning to previous story,

I understood that “I see, there is the person among who joined the ___…”,so I asked my staff 

“please give me a copy of a list who took part in the ___”.

“Yes, sure”.


I identified an energy source (a person) from the list.


I agreed with Shin.

Actually, it’s involved A○world which I deal with in secret session, so it’s hard a little bit to get the answer.


Then, I dealt with and fixed the energy problem.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 18 2014