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Thank you for your message☆2

Thank you for everything.

 XXX came to end, so I started to work on XXX for XXX.

As my brain works quickly (though  I am an ordinary housewife), I am like a business man… 🙂 

I went to the Legal Affairs Bureau to get a copy of a registration certificate and acreage survey map, and I enjoy thinking how to create disclosure statement and sales contract♪
I am so pleased to be able to take advantage of what I have studied finally.

It’s almost one year since I put MV XX card in XX for XX family on April and MV XX card in XX for XX family on May. These days I spend ordinary? life(not storm life), so I have become eased♪.


Yes, I know I know..

If energy quality and spinning loop of your family tree is wrong furiously, your life will be twisted around.

“Smooth sailing” is good, not Full of ups and down”.


However, actually, “stormy life, full of ups and downs” can enhance “Smooth sailing life” more.

This may be one of the secret principles 😆


Therefore, I think the day will come when your life transform to “smooth sailing life” to you whose life is “full of ups and down” now (though, it’s out of question if you don’t practice things MV recommends to some extent.)


【Smooth sailing】
Easy going, an unbumpy ride into the future.

Easy progress, as in We had a hard time setting up the new computer system but it’ll be smooth sailing from here on . The smooth in this idiom alludes to calm waters, free from big waves or roughness,

This is the same expression MV explains the arrangement of family line.

Many people in MV who changed “stormy life, full of ups and downs” to “Smooth sailing life”.


I think again that the energy MV holds is awesome.


I was talking something like that today.


My individual energy problems led me start the quest of  unseen world, and many people’s lives changed astonishingly rapidly when I realized it.


“MV is truly marvelous!”

I got the compliments from a person today, too.

What kind of energy and how much amount of energy MV holds is important,

and the degree of the quality and strength is proportion to the degree of understanding of invisible world.


This great change…it took only two years since “The Source of The Unlimited Universal Creation”(MV main product) came to my house !! 

Information world and MV evolution!! Too marvelous!!

I am looking forward X month and X day. Thank you in advance.

Yes, today I talked to MV staff about her change, evolution and growth, and it took only” one year and 9 months”.

I know it is very miraculous change, evolution and growth generally speaking, but doing MV activity for years made me fail to notice how great it is 😉


MV has made this and that possible which the society(the world) determines it is impossible.


We don’t only research at lab.

We don’t only have meeting at meeting room.

We have researched and evolved for only the purpose of “Transform the reality truly”, not an empty theory.


Therefore, we don’t limit or stop at “ improve by only Feng Shui or yin-XXXX philosophy, or ghost or angel energy or some healings”.


If these can transform your reality, it’s fine.

However, if it can’t improve your problem, such ways( the worlds) are meaningless, and we need new approach.


I have studied human psychology and structure of brain, too.

Of course, I approach from invisible world using my curious high dimensional sensor which I am good at.


Thus, it is “Practitioner speaks”, “Who produced great results speaks”.

Therefore, the words MV speaks carry weight, hot and strong.

Also, you are deeply moved and can sympathize with MV.


It doesn’t mean anything, “if we can’t transform the reality”.

Even you built wonderful theory in your brain, if it can’t be used in the real world and can’t change the reality, it doesn’t mean anything.


From Maaya’s JP blog on May 28 2015