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Today’s remote healing 【Beauty】

Today I will add “beauty” you expected to tonight remote healing!


“Remote Healing”

What kind of frequency you give off and can keep is the key of the transformation of yourself and your life


Esthetic and dietary supplement for health, anti-aging and beauty are fine,but how about high dimensional care for your further happy nature?

How about arrange your frequency, taking high dimensional frequency three times a month as you take supplements?

Your thinking pattern, brain, mind, health and finance shall get better, and incidents, people, heavy ghost and notion around you will change as well.

How about taking the “Remote Force Healing” with your family and have happy, blight and rich life high dimensional life?


< What is Remote Healing?>

All visible phenomenon is composed of “INFORMATION” can’t been seen.
Namely, your presence, family and personal karma, the cause of lacking of mental stability and poor health, harm by incorporeal being, heavy space of the location and building, and your poor situation…are “INFORMATION” and it’s the cause.

–Partially omitted–


When you have trouble in your daily life, you may try to change hard only the visible phenomenon which is just a result of the cause from the angle of the same level of the cause.

–Partially omitted–


However, nothing change at all.

I think some of you experienced that your condition worsened involved in people and group handles heavy energy.

“Remote Force Healing” shall arrange, change and fix the “INFORMATION” from the level of high dimensional world.

It shall change from negative “information” to desirable “information”.
Then, all the visible phenomenon in this three-dimensional world will start to change better.

–Partially omitted—


“Approach from “Information world” to transform your condition in three-dimensional world” which Maaya has sensed, experienced and quested “Information world” for decades is “Remote Healing”.


Understanding these things deeply again, and it will maximize the healing effects.

The more you understand, the more the effects increase


I will add “beauty” to today’s healing for you to glow beautifully more and more.

Your face shall change. Please put mirror nearby and check your face before and after.

Female’s faces I used the method directly changed on the spot, and seems they have kept the transformation. ( I got feedback from them)

Well then, I will deliver Happy High Dimensional Hado (vibes) to you. 🙂

From Maaya’s JP blog on Nov. 3 2014