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This is very thing you would like to use for your job and management

Multi-dimensional world such as invisible consciousness, Hado(vibes) and energy balance I perceive.


Yet many people have a prejudice against such a world, but there are many people who try to use wisdom, Hado(vibes) and energy of such a world for work, society and what you say “the world”.


“If it is the real nature, I will learn it!”.


That’s something to be glad about.


I guess that they think” the distinction as visible or invisible is old!”.


I heard that when wise scientists advance their research, they go into invisible high dimensional world.

After all, I think the thought of that “invisible world is suspicious” is too old.

We would like to think outside the box and have eyes to see though only the truth with.

We can approach money and management from energy and Hado(wave motion) world in any way.


I see your nature, consciousness, character, internal and the world you rely on,

and I think” you will be done in X years” or when I go to restaurants “Well, it must be hard to manage, it had better do …”


Well, I look a simple thing. Actually, it is related to “the law of energy” after all.

I would like to deliver something like that to whom would like to know and use it.


From Maaya’s blog on Dec. 29 2010