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UFO & Chakra –Part 2–

The end of the healing, I felt the pit of the stomach was opened wider and lifted up, and hard to breathe a little bit.

It was like that putting a balloon in heart and swelling the balloon.


Ah, probably you are saying heart chakra(ANAHATA CHAKRA)


It may be that the part had been blocked and necessary amount of energy for the part passed thorough, or the root between the upper and lower chakra opened…


Anyway, “remote high dimensional quantum healing” is causing them great transformation.


Actually, personally I am re-paying attention to chakra.

(In secret session, I have treated chakra)

Probably, it’s not written in any books, but I realized more and deepened my understanding.


Regarding chakra,

closing all chakras wouldn’t be enough.

opening all chakras wouldn’t be enough.


Your internal isn’t fixed at all

Having too much dark

Having too much trauma

Having something suppressing you

Having some symptoms or obstacles,

Too strong imagination, etc.

There are various reasons…


For such a person ,

sometimes, some chakras being closed is better for her or him and people around her or him at that point.


Of course, it’s desirable that the fundamental problem will be resolved eventually…


I understand such information grasping “the universal information”.

Viewing various states of people’s chakras remotely is interesting.

It tells me a lot of things.


For instance…

“Ah.. The first and seventh chakra has been closed! She can’t be energetic!! Oh, but…yes it is good for her…That’s why the symptom has been improved…I see, as long as body (including brain) has some problems, not letting some energy (electrical current) pass through the body(machine main body is better not to break it. I see. “



“He has hard time due to his own energy…but I see… I had better close his the fourth chakra on the contrary….then I think he will be fine and comfortable. The energy he can’t handle won’t kick up…”


I spend night quietly thinking something like that and taking notes.



Strangeness is max!!


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Sep. 4 2015