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The content with the price! -Facial lift up in a few minutes without touching- part 3

Regarding the price of MV event and counseling, I understood that the price is extremely scrupulous and conscientious. (Rather than that, actually it is very low price for the content)

Once again, thank you so much.


Yes, actually, it is.

Sometime, thinking of energetic influence and money energy I feel that “my work doesn’t pay”, “the work load is too much, and due to fatigue and dissatisfaction, I can’t continue to work longer”.


To continue Maaya Village activity and solve your various problems, I think I will revise the prices for events and goods and so on in the future.

However, if you grasp the fundamental cause and solve it, your personality, character, appearance, self-image, trauma, energy problem, destiny will be revised, and your life will be transformed.

Thinking of that, I will set very reasonable price. 🙂 


Working on that hard, your life will transfer to a different stage from the stage of your parents, sister, brother’ and people around you.


I had hard time and painful feeling owing to involvement with various healers, but now I can think it was good learning and I can say thanks.


Yes, to understand the essence and nature of Maaya Village deeper, if you have something to compare, you can understand Maaya Village easily.

Well, it may cost, but it was “good tuition” for you.



There are many people who do invisible works, but it’s completely different from each other:

“Consciousness dimension”

“Freedom level of consciousness”

“Maturation degree of soul”

“Earthling’s nature of Non-earthling’s nature”

“The purpose of soul”



“Quality of energy”

“Intention of the activity”, and do on.


Where you are taken to

What kind of state you are taken to

What your life will be

is up to those above.


You have to choose them by your “sensor” and “eyes”.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on July 23 2013