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The content with the price! -Facial lift up in a few minutes without touching- part 1

「Thank you so much(o^^o) 」

Dear Maaya, Shin,

Thank you for your great time, yesterday(o^-^o)

The meeting was deep and awesome and it is worth more than the price.

Also, you taught us what we could do practice soon. It’s very educational to me, really.

Facial lift up in a get-together was clear and obvious, so I was surprised!!

I was into corners of the mouth too much, so I didn’t notice that my eyes had become bigger.

I noticed it when I came back to home and watched myself in a mirror. I was surprised again and more.

(My one eye was smaller than the other one, so I can see the difference between left and right eye clearly)

Then, last night in my dream, I felt the other side of my cheek was lifting up and wondering Maaya was lifting my cheek up. This morning, I found that yesterday’s cheek difference had been fixed, and my total face has been lift up and young myself. In addition to that, skin condition is great!

If it is facial esthetic, it would cost several hundred thousand, and more over you did it in a few minutes..



Yes, it’s only a few minutes without touching your face at all. 🙂 

Standard esthetic or other beauty methods, your face will go back to the original state with time (because you are aging every year one by one).

However, Maaya is queer, and I cleared the issue (detail is a confidentiality), so I think you can maintain the state. 🙂 

To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 23 2013