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Difference between being taught by other conscious entity and reaching and getting by your own consciousness–part 3

I think the world is to be reached and quested by own soul without any other involvement

(though I think there are the universal mates who watch over you with same point of view)


No need to be taught by conscious entity other than your consciousness unilaterally.

You can connect to higher world than the world the entity knows if you make your consciousness free ultimately.

If you accept the entity, you will bear part of the entity has been blokced and can’t get out, the entity’s blind spot and stickle.


When the energy of Sirius and Shinkai (Japanese Shin World) comes to me, I let them go saying “sorry, please go that way”,

because my consciousness is the center of my universe.

The universe is consciousness and the universe is created by consciousness and the same level, the same quality things are in our consciousness….


Entities which let us forget these things have existed…

Before we knew it, the consciousness which put our consciousness lower and put higher entities than ourselves

(both visible and invisible entities) has been established.


When we started to put invisible multi-dimensional entities higher than ourselves?

The entities which reached to true amazing consciousness won’t come to you taking an attitude as if taught you from higher level.

It can be said to human being, too.


Anyway, what I would like to say is;

It is fine that learning from other conscious entities other than your consciousness and letting them use yourself for some purposes the entities,

but it’s not the word you reached by the power of your consciousness, so you will lose the power someday…


However, the world you reached by your own consciousness will keep to exist within you whatever may happen…


How much  you can let your consciousness travel freely, is it the way to attain freedom in the universe, I think.


I will stop writing as it’s getting long♪

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 26 2010