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Difference between being taught by other conscious entity and reaching and getting by your own consciousness–part 1

The popular sentences and information by “XXshar”, “conversations with XXX” or” XXgar XXyce” and so on…has been created and spread by other conscious entity other than your consciousness.

(Though I guess that such people are needed each turning points)


I think there are many spiritualists working such ways.

However, it is the style that they put other conscious entity higher than their own consciousness.

Channeling may be fine, but if it goes too much, you will be haunted, walk-in and possessed.

Possession by a dictionary

  1. The state of being dominated or controlled by a demon or spirit.
  2. The state of being occupied or obsessed with something, such as an idea.


(I am not saying it for right and wrong, because there are various situations and reasons)


Then, if she or he loses contact with the conscious entity,

she or he will be “just a ordinary person”,

because the information and wisdom is not what she or he reached and got by his or her own consciousness.

If person who have complex( inferiority ) or much feeling of lack start to contact with sort of conscious entity,

the person will use it for make own complex or feeling of lack up.


Acting big, making people relay on, collecting money, or letting opposite sex rule him or her…


I have sensed people notion, Hado (wave motion) from soul, object, ground and entities in non-three-dimensional world since I was a little girl,

and I grasped “this world, all is Hado(wave motion) and energy”.


I was not taught by other conscious entities rather than my consciousness.


To be continued

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 26 2010