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Difference between being taught by other conscious entity and reaching and getting by your own consciousness–part 2

In my case,

when energy of Sirius or Shinkai (Japanese Shin World) comes to me,

I feel something is off and wrong.


I prefer more free and lighter Hado(wave motion)…


I am not going to go out into the world acting big or connecting to such conscious entities and misunderstand “I am special”.

(It is the action of who is not satisfied)


I just would like to seek the truth of the universe simply by myself, and I don’t like appealing in public so much actually.


However, if it will lead to the joy of my soul, if it is for accomplishing my soul’s purpose,

I thought appealing in public was fine and hold an event on Dec. 16…


Simply I wanted to make human beings’ consciousness more free and lighter.


I guess people may be pleased if they are involved in high dimensional conscious entity ,

but I feel something strange.

My soul is my soul,

my consciousness is my consciousness

and my life is mine, so I would like to do what I would like freely.

To be continued

From Maaya’s blog on Dec. 26 2010