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Maaya is an exorcist ? (o^―^o) part 2

Well, toward a demon

“Go to hell”…

After all it is the world hasn’t transcended dualism 🙂

Though I think they should be lighter together. (Demon and those who say: Go to hell)

If they continue to do that, the gap between both sides becomes larger and darkness and evil becomes bigger.


Well, in the first place, evil is…I guess who learned Maaya Village” Worlds Theory” shall understand it somewhat?


How it was created, spread and expanded…


I and my partner watching the show

“Maaya is doing something like an exorcist.

Well, though Maaya doesn’t refuse them saying go to hell!, because it won’t be a fundamental solution at all…”


At the end of the show, a specialist in the study of history was telling a truth.

“The exorcist doesn’t cleans up by bible or cross.

It is a spirit after all”


There is no effect even you imitate form if you have no understanding and enough spirit.

Now I feel I would like to raise disciple for the kind of direction. It is impossible to understand it by reading book or blog.


This universe is composed of consciousness, so all is up to consciousness.


Yes, it is true.

If I describe it, it is consciousness level, level of conscious understanding and power of consciousness.

Also, spirit is important.


Hidden characters I wrote on MV Hado(vibes) arranging card for “removing evil and curse” have “powerful spirit”.


Maaya Village will get more and more interesting 🙂


It has strong potential power, so I am looking forward to the future.


The end.


From Maaya’s blog on May 13 2012