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Regarding the characters on MV arranging 波動 Hado (wave motion) card

The content of Maaya Village tea party was very interesting, and characters on MV 波動, Hado, arranging card came up at the party.


Using the card for yourself is fine ( I put the characters as definition by words is more effective), but when you present it to who have no understanding it, you may have difficulty to giving the card which described something like “邪気祓い・霊障解消, exorcism and curse removal 1” on the card and not sure if he or she carry it.


Therefore, I will create the card without the characters when you order it mentioning “request no characters on the card” in the remarks column.


By the way, there are many cases that who have been haunted by too much ghosts and entered deeply by ghosts avoid the card: being afraid of the card, dislike the card, vomit or run away from home.
It is the same phenomenon as when an exorcist expels a devil.

Something haunting is scared.


“邪気祓い・霊障解消 ” card which scares something haunting

“邪気祓い・霊障解消 ” card which causes some changes of feeling or body condition to haunted people.


I think you can understand the card it real.


Not to be haunted, you have to do way of living and thinking which doesn’t matching up the wavelength with the haunting.


Actually, it is waved into this blog, Maaya’s books, MV tea party, seminar and so on.


Also, I entrust the arranging 波動,Hado(wave motion) card with parts you can’t fix by yourself.


As I said in the tea party, this world is consciousness.

Thus, it is a confrontation between consciousness and consciousness.


Nobody can take away your understanding which acquired by your own deep consciousness, and it remains forever.


For that, experiencing is important. Let’s grasp it by conscious level thorough experience together.


Doing that, the more increase your soul’s mature level, the stronger the aura of your soul becomes.

Then, confidence, stability, true strength and pureness shall come out.


Let’s enjoy today, too 🙂

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 28 2012