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Remote-High Dimensional Quantum Healing Q&A -1

I had inquiries about high dimensional force healing, so I would like to share them with you.

Please use those for reference. 🙂


Q. Pets can take the remote healing?

A. Of course pets can take the remote healing. He or she is your precious family member. He or she senses negative energy of your family or you acutely.

They can’t inform it to you by words, so you can’t understand their feeling 100 %. Thus, there are many pets who have stress.

As you wash stains away, please care pet’s unnecessary energy, Hado(wave motion) and feeling with remote high dimensional force healing♪


Q. Can I apply for the remote healing for a person besides me without obtaining the person’s agreement?

A. I intend to go better direction for anybody only, so please apply for the healing with no worries.

Yes, I know that there are many people who have no understanding of this kind of world, especially senior people, people who are ill, have dementia or have no power of thinking by himself of herself due to drug taking.

Then, if she or he is your precious family, you would like him or her to take the healing.

There were many people who had applied for the healing for their parents this time, too.

It may be an exaggeration, but thinking your various subsequent flows, taking the healing even only once in your lifetime is very good for your life on this planet and the time when you leave the planet.

Most people don’t touch high dimensional Hado(wave motion), energy and frequency usually, and not a few people die without being conscious of soul and the universe.

How much great giving the healing to such people as a gift…

If you make people who live together (inmate, husband or kids) and parents you inherited various things from lighter together with you, your transformation will speed up.


There are many times when you are lack of energy in your everyday life or align with heavy energy owing to touching heavy energy.

As you take supplement and health assistant food, do exercise, being particular about cosmetics, water and air for your health, anti-aging and beauty, please care of unseen world as Hado(wave motion), energy, frequency, vibration and information and so on in the future.

We, human beings are always involved in unseen world surely, and the world is inseparable from us.

We can’t ignore it.

Rather than that, our bottom cause is in the unseen world…

From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 14 2013