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Environmental hormone, genetically modified foods, chemical substances, petroleum products, residual agrichemicals, herbicide, heavy precious metallic, chemical condiments, medical substances ( there are vac○ine which let us think we really need it?), exhaust gas, radioactive substances…


These shall cause

c○ncer, s○erility, emotional i○stability, weak i○munity, g○nes… easily.


There are a lot of things which cause these in this world, and I do remote healing taking into consideration these.


Well, some people do detox with high f○ver, loose b○wels or v○miting.


Of course, feeling energy, ghost and notion shall come out, but those substances or toxins shall come out, too.


Those do xxx intentionally,

so we have to discharge intentionally.

Otherwise, it continues to build up.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 6 2013