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Man of future ? –Hado(wave motion) and energy perception–3

MV staff member saw the whole event said that:

“Maaya can sense energy with accuracy and identify what kind of energy is ( the energy from far away, some energy other than Maaya self).

You were seeking for what energy is standing alone in front of mirror. (Getting answer, dealing with it and fixing).

You are conversant with information world…

Also, in MV session, you take full advantage of different dimensions techniques, and resolve many people’s problems in a flash…

Well, yes, you and Shin are men of future for me~


She saw the scene of my perception of Hado(wave motion) and energy, and she was impressed by the information world Maaya and Shin live and work.


It may be the first time for the staff to see a series of flow, but when I and Shin are alone, such an event happens is a daily occurrence.


“ If you are not conversant with, understand and know how to deal with energy (invisible) world, you shouldn’t live by invisible world business. 

Housewives often go into healing, channeling, spiritualism and fortune-tell for pocket-money or dreaming of something?

You know how dangerous it is?

You shouldn’t make light of energy world


Of course, I’ve never been hospitalized nor had medicine for that kind of, so no worry 🙂


(I understood through many sessions:

Many people appealed that they sensed, listened to or watched something, but most of their symptoms were related to their brains…My sensor is different from their symptoms)


Regarding Hado(wave motion) and energy perception, I have sensed since I was a little girl. Therefore I can understand ○ world, △ world and □ world.   Also, I can grasp Hado(wave motion), energy quality, frequency band, what kind of the world, what dimension they stop at, feature, consciousness dimension, degree of consciousness freedom of the group you are involved and you in a flash.


Of course, the public don’t get it often.


However, owing to my astounding Hado (wave motion), energy and frequency perception, I could discover many MV laws and create MV world theory. Because of that, MV can resolve your problems.


Actually, due to my ability, I had a lot of harsh and sad time, but now I can use my ability positively, so I can make myself understand it is fine.


Notice something wrong about energy around myself by myself,

identify from where the energy coming,

and create appropriate method of how to deal with the energy.


This operation may be only in MV.  It is Maaya Village.


MV continues to MV work for your healthy energy life 🙂

From Maaya’s JP blog on Dec. 18 2014