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Spiritual methods don’t solve your problems at all, do they?

These days, a community in my blog is getting lively.

The content…I would like to make it a movie or book.

Something like a documentary film, “a few months spent with XX doing XX”.

I guess that people understand real energy and information world easily by the story.


Well, you may think Maaya Village is spiritual something, but actually it is not.  Who have had long relationship with MV knows it.


I say, false spiritual methods don’t solve your problems, do they?

Rather, I saw many people had fallen into invisible worlds deeply and badly.


I see many people who had done false spiritual things, and it didn’t solve their problems at all.

Rather their thoughts are getting worse or their brains are getting weak…..I think.


By the way, the real story written in the community of the blog…it is because MV is “Energy Problem Institution” and unraveled the energy (INFORMATION) world, MV could done it.


It is just…my problems were not solved at all by various ancient and old worlds:

Yoga, Qi-gong, Feng-shui, Memorial service for ancestors…..Energy world except for Maaya Village, Psychology, Western and Western medicine, Traditional medicine, Folk medicine, Dietary cure, Past life, Hyxxx theraphy, Floxxx Remedy, Auxx Soxx, XX religion, Akaxxx Rexxxxx, Healing, Japanese gods, Angel…anyway, everything.


The words in those worlds above can’t describe Maaya Village world, so I use just non-authoritative and unfamiliar Maaya’s coined words, but I am not a spiritualist what Japanese say.  Well, spiritual words won’t come out from my mouth.


I searched and unraveled the structure, answers and solution of energy world as if I was crawling in mud by myself (with my partner from the middle), so it is difficult for me to explain them with existing words.


If science of mathematics world solved my problems, those words or formula would fall from my lips.

However, when I need those words to explain Maaya Village world I use them.


I couldn’t survive with spiritual thought, theory and method.

Facing harsh problems, I knew nobody understood my situation at that time, and saying my problems just causes misunderstanding and it would frustrate me.

Also, I was a hard worker and indomitable, so I was having social life pretty well hiding my hard situation.


At that time I was middle of twenties, but I was working hard alone  🙂


I was smiley and active in front of people, but my inside…I was facing harsh problems as if it broke my teeth due to too much grinding the teeth.


Therefore, I didn’t step into “unseen world” for excusing myself. I entered into “unseen world” for resolve my problems caused by “unseen world” and have lively social life using 100% of my ability.

I quested the world ready to step in any worlds if it solve my problems. I didn’t care visible or invisible.


So Maaya Village didn’t use spiritual methods or old no longer usable wisdom to cure the person written in a community in my blog.  We cured the person only by MV original theory and methods.


The person ( in the story) behind other too much is just at the starting line, and is living with full power and her eyes shining every day.


It is because MV is “Energy Problem Institute”, she got better. She is lucky that MV is just a spiritual group.

If we were just a spiritual group, she would have been suffered from hard energy still.


If you would like to solve or achieve something, you had better stop folly spiritual things for easing your mind. You don’t have to waste of your life.


Well then, “Remote Healing” starts at 9:00pm tonight.


Thank you.


From Maaya’s original blog on Jan. 23 2014