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Invisible world is not something you go into partly for enjoyment !

Healing, reading, card fortune-telling, powerful stones, spiritual counselor, etc…

Business treats unseen world above is increasing in Japan.


However, if you are toddling baby in invisible world or your core is shakable and unstable, or when you are unstable in mentally, physically or in your private life, you will connect to tremendously low space.


Dimension you will connect is up to your understanding, level of your consciousness freedom, strength of your core and degree of genuineness.


Unstable people or when they are unstable, if they are interested in the world, they will be followed by 魑魅魍魎(Chimimouryo, evil spirits) or entities in heavy worlds.

Then, their sensitive children, husband and families will be influenced.
Surely you will be influenced.

This universe is energy, and you are in the universe, so you are affected by the low energy you connected.


Your physical condition, character, notion, habit, finance, job, relationship…

Unseen world you started to see for your happiness brings unhappiness and inconvenience…

It is happening frequently as far as I perceive.


It is not something you do as it is booming.

In the first place, who made the boom and what for?…
If you view from a broader perspective, you can grasp various things.


As far as I view the world, there are a few who understand invisible world well and can treat unseen world as a business.


You shouldn’t go in to invisible world for your yearning, boom or resolve complexes.


Without being hurt, you can’t  understand it….?


Please work on invisible world after you view your own status objectively and ask yourself “What dimensional world I can connect?”


If the answer is “NO”, you had better cease going to the invisible world for yourself and family.

From Maaya’s original blog