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The limitations of words and knowledges

As I wrote it on this blog previously,

today’s science and technology are immature compared with old civilizations on this planet and civilizations on multidimensional planets.


There is nothing for it if humans have “Separation Consciousness”: Human beings think only themselves and around themselves and exclude others to protect themselves.

If magical invention would be used for their profit or concession in war,

then this planet would perish soon.

It seems that there is something we can learn ONLY on this planet,

so I hope the invention would not be used for it…

Well, in the end, the words or knowledge you learned are such a level of the planet.

If you really would like to understand the nature of the universe or multidimensional worlds,

using the level on this planet as words or knowledge can’t possibly lead you to understand them.


You may be able to reach to the entrance, but after that, you won’ be able to go on and enter with them.


Defining by words, pretending to understand using fine words or pulling out somebody’s old knowledge and trying to connect the knowledge and something…

You know that is absolute nonsense.


If you are scientist or mathematician, you can search for the universe from your world,

but if you are not, sometime words or knowledge will block your experience or understanding.

Experience— > Feel —> Understand what can’ be described in words

—>Don’t force to transform into words or knowledge on the current earth (The quality will fall off)


Owing to my character and nature,  I could understand many things: multidimensional worlds, notions and energy transcend distance and time, the universal structure, human being consciousness and the connection of the universe and consciousness.

Well, owing to my nature of perceiving energy? I grasped these and I understand the center of the universe with sensibility.

As long as you are not special researcher, you don’t have to prove it by words or numbers.

Only if we can use it for our full and satisfying life, we are fine.


Intelligent people who have too much knowledge can’t transcend knowledge wall

The truth may be beyond the wall.


Shifting from this planet level to the universe level, your life on this planet will be more enjoyable…Maaya thinks so.

From Maaya’s original blog