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5) Noticed “Unlucky Lake”

It is difficult to get out of the “Unlucky Lake” by yourself, alone.

Even you won’t be aware of being soaked in the lake.


By the way, the change can be explained by “Frequency” and “Vibration”.

If you take “High Dimensional Quantum Healing” on a continual basis, their “frequency” and “vibration” starts to change certainly.

Then, like her, you will start to sense something clearly different from the frequency and vibration of the healing.


Being able to sense the difference means your frequency and vibration has changed.

If your frequency and vibration change, your notion, mental, feeling, physical condition, skin, eyes, hair, brain, IQ change.

Surely your energy and aura change, and your fortune changes and your life change.

It may be familiar words for you, but “Changing Frequency and Vibration” is of the essence.

I can say that is all you need.

I guess it will be the main treatment in the future. Well, it is about body ( treatment about body).


MV ( Maaya) perceives, understands and handles the frequency and vibration of expanded and broader world and information world, beyond body frequency and body vibration.

Therefore, Maaya can make it possible:” Change your fortune. Transform your life” “ Raise your consciousness level. Obtain high dimensional consciousness”


Well, today is healing day.

I will deliver supreme and strong healing you for your stronger, healthier, brighter life. Don’t miss it 🙂

Too much long email… so sorry!!

If I didn’t know MV, I would live without any doubt. My life has changed…THANKS!

I will do my best as I can deliver happier news! Once again, thank you very much.


I think she is the one of the people who changed the life by changing frequency and vibration.

I am the one of the person too. I changed my life.

I found out the structure of “Changing Frequency and Vibration”, that’s why I could change my life.

Yes, please working on with joy and taking break. Good Luck!!

If you have the strength, you can do anything in your life!!


The end

From Maaya’s original blog on June 13 2015