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4) Important!! The cosmic energy and human beings’ consciousness energy

If you give your important decision to somebody other than you,

your ability to feel, the antenna modern man lost and connected to the universe would degenerate more and more.


In addition to that, you would be at a loss as a wanderer in the universe,

and say” Where I can find the truth?”

and “From whom I can hear the truth”.


If the person who taught you is wrong…well, you would believe the wrong truth as the absolute truth and wouldn’t  doubt it.

“As he said that…”

“As all the people trust the same thing…”

Such that, you won’t use your antenna gradually.


I would like YOU to create YOUR OWN center within your universe (consciousness).

To promote and help your creating your own center,

I am writing this blog, book, “The Fountain of Universal Unlimited Creation”, MV goods, concert, event, spiritual poem and sound, etc.


As I mentioned repeatedly, it is fully different from getting energy from somebody and finding energy within yourself.


Hado(wave motion) energy emitted from “The Fountain of The Universal Unlimited Creation is not for filling energy to you.

It is for removing the lid of your consciousness which disturbing you by letting you tuning to the Hado energy and repairing your antenna to connect to your own center of your universe.

For that, I connect to my own center of my universe, get inspiration, research and experiment every day.


To escape from the interference of unseen entities, I understood the relationship between consciousness and the universe experiencing the relationship.


I think there is nothing useless to your present situation.

I recommend you to try anything you are interested in.


Please don’t place my book or MV goods higher position than you.


I add a few sentence when I send “The Fountain of The Universal Unlimited Creation”.

“’The Fountain of The Universal Unlimited Creation(MV main product)” is not in the world punishing you for using it badly.

Please simply love it as your precious partner”


Regarding energy, healing and channeling  worlds,  these are related to the founders’ consciousness very much.

In case the fonder passed away already, the world shall stop the growth, also the world created by the fonder possessed (walk-in) will not grow readily.

However, pursuing the consciousness and the structure of the universe during our lives, we can make the worlds we notice glow more and more.


Therefore, rather than spending so much time and energy of living ourselves on invisible conscious entities or the worlds unseen conscious entities live in, understanding the structure of those unseen worlds, constitute elements of the universe and pursing them during our lives will lead us to obtain the greatest happiness, freedom from the point of soul’s journey.

The memories graved in your soul won’t go away forever.

Also, the contents of one soul experienced will propagate to other souls.

Your academic and work history, position, property and body won’t remain forever.


I hope we can stamp “the memories of souls” remain forever together.


Best wish


  From Maaya’s original blog