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What Energy is…What 波動[Hado in Japanese,wave motion, vibes] is…

What I have done is just easy things: I read Maaya’s blog and book, set MV’s “The Universal Unlimited Creation of Fountain” and “card” at home and carrying MV’s “card”. However, I am getting lighter and lighter. I didn’t make any effort.

From previous blog:”Please don’t be a garbage dump of energy and knowledge”.


Energy, Hado (wave motion) flows from huge place, high dimensional and higher degree of freedom to small, low dimensional.

Also, small, low and unfree things turns to large, high and free things.

That’s why she is changing without any effort…


In the first place, I think you had better let go 20 century-conventional things such as effort, guts and patience lightly.

It is different from being enthusiastic with joy and making an effort unwillingly.

With effort, guts and patience, your 波動(Hado) won’t be better and your consciousness won’t go up.


You know that you won’t shift high dimensionally, your consciousness won’t move upward lightly with the EFFORT, GUTS and PATIENCE residing ONLY in this three-dimensional world, don’t you?


I will stop writing as it will be a long article.

From Maaya’s original blog on July 17 2011