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Please don’t be a garbage dump of energy and knowledge

It is to shift your viewpoint a little bit.

Well, changing Hado(wave motion) is my field of expertise,

so usually they try to shift their points of view and I change their Hado…

An email from my acquaintance…

These days, I think of it a lot.  If we could know Maaya’s world, how great it could be.  

Just knowing your world, happiness will come naturally.

There are too many people who don’t enjoy life owing to imprinting by parents and the society…I can’t describe it well.   

I hope people on this earth will be happy and they will notice real happiness.

Though, even now sometimes I hate myself, but my happiness ratio is getting higher.

What I have done is just easy things: I read Maaya’s blog and book, set MV’s “Universal Unlimited Creation of Fountain” and “card” at home and carrying MV’s “card”.

However, I am getting lighter and lighter. I didn’t make any effort.

Thank you and sorry for my long email. I wanted to deliver my pounding heart. Once again, thank you very much:-)


Imprinted, instilled and taught by parents, teachers and adults.

Seeing parents, teachers and adults from behind and you believed things are normal naturally.

You swallowed all the intentional information.

As a result, it is where you are today now.

If you are not satisfied with the present, you can’t be new yourself without casting off such imprinting for a start.

As we have done  XXX or have been in XXX from generation to generation in our family…

As such, they do same thing without thinking as an escalator…

If their parents having life as they want, the same thoughts, customs and habits as their parents’ are fine,

but if they are not satisfied…they had better change the ways…


It is no use doing or changing things superficially if you haven’t changed your bottom yet!


Even you haven’t changed your problem core yet, you tend to go this seminar, that seminar, Indian sage, American healer, Hoʻoponopono, spiritual places, Japanese Shinkai… as climbing a ladder.

Most of you had better cast off something rather than add something.

Actually, if you are ignorant this importance, you will be like a garbage dump.

You need nothing. It is simple structure between you and the Universal Pure Consciousness.

For a long time, human beings were inferior, and there was something lofty entity than human beings…we were imprinted such as, so we can’t help believing it though…

If you raise your view point high- dimensionally and see the earth, you will be able to view various things…

Well, it will be a long story, so I would like to conclude around here.

From Maaya’s original blog on July 17. 2011