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To control my consciousness

To control my consciousness: To discipline consciousness. To train consciousness at the risk of my life bleeding.

Preparing for death if I lose. Live-or death fight. Hell on earth. To be stressed continuously.

I couldn’t have reached the Universal Pure Consciousness Space if I hadn’t penetrated the situations.

Actually, scares by stress were left on my body.

(My controlling consciousness is fully different from the descriptions of “Conditioning body”, “Breath control” and “Training Consciousness” in such fashionable yoga, Pilates or a breathing method.)


Also, previously I got a message from a reader: “I would like to have the universal consciousness as yours. Could you please let me know how to?”


(If somebody who reached the state (Universal consciousness/The Universal Pure Consciousness Space) can navigate,

you may be able to reach the state easier than going alone.

However, it can’t  be guaranteed as it seems there are differences person to person.

If there would had been easy methods, like“ By doing steps in order, you will be able to reach”, all of us would have been awaked, had the universal consciousness and enhanced their antennas’ to the Universal Pure Consciousness Space already as more than 2500 years have passed since the death of Buddha. However, in reality it is not.

Thus it is vague and has individual differences)


Then, I responded as below:

“If I answer to you seriously,

I shall push you over a cliff as a mother lion push her child lion over a cliff, so crawl up.

Your nail would be peeled off, you would be bloody and your tooth would be broken by gritting. 

On the road, a hawk may assault on you. Driving snow or rainstorm may attack you.

You would starve, your cloth would be worn, you would be injured physically and your heart would break many times.

Of course, you have no one to talk to or support you.

Mentality and patience to “Ultimate solitude” may be required.

Under the situations, if you don’t give up crawling up, if you are be able to keep climbing up even crying, you may be able to have an antenna to connect the Universal Pure Consciousness Space.

Are you ready for being kicked down from a cliff?

Are you ready for crawling up a cliff?  

Are you ready for climbing up a cliff alone?

Nevertheless you can say:” I would like to have the universal consciousness”?

If you can say it, I shall deliver you how to connect the Cosmic Pure Consciousness space.

Now, are you ready?


“To control consciousness” which Maaya have done means such a description above.