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Those who pile MINUS up and those who pile PLUS up

Today I talked to a person about a topic.

Unhappy, unlucky and unfortunate people have common thoughts, behaviors and actions.

There are the same negative thoughts, behaviors and actions.


How to use words,

How to handle with others,

A bit of consideration to others,

A bit of nuisance you give to others,

A bit of annoyance you cause to others,

A bit of troublesome you give to others,

A bit of being against of rules.

A bit of dependence on others….


It may be slight negative, but many a little makes a mickle.

Those who piled up NEGATIVE…are unhappy, and unfortunate can’t go will after all.



Also, it takes time to decrease NEGATIVE you piled up and save POSITIVE.


If you start to pile PLUS up, you can go well like fun

Probably, there are many people who don’t know what minus behaviors, actions and thoughts are.

It is the same story as my “Energy Spinning Loop” theory.


Apparently, there are differences in behavior, action and thought between those who are happy, rich and fortunate and those who are unhappy, poor and unfortunate people.


Which means…if you change your behaviors, actions and thoughts, surely you can be happy, rich and fortunate.

From Maaya’s original blog on Oct. 1 2013