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Common sense, morals and good conduct are different in vibes (Hado in Japanese) and energy world

There are many people who try their hand at this and that, or join organizations and ask for help because their misfortune continues.

However, if you do those things, the more you will…

I have never seen people who have become happy being related to this sort of thing.


As you know, I have perceived energy since I was a girl, so I can sense heavy Hado[vibes], heavy energy, grudges and hard feelings, patience, jealousy, dissatisfaction, a feeling of something lacking in general from people.   Even their words and actions are considered “good” in Japan or on earth.
There are many people like that.


Well, the heart of this universe consists of Hado[波動 in Japanese, wave motion, vibes], energy, consciousness, frequency…

Therefore, if they do not know those laws then they will not find true happiness, peace, wealth nor freedom.

Regardless of their good deeds, good words, religious austerities or recitations,

as long as their vibes and energy are stagnant and heavy nothing will change.


When many people whose values are different live together some rules will be required to some extent,

but if the people are shackled by rules (common sense, morals, logic and good deeds) and if their essential core, their vibes and energy are bad then I think their unhappiness will go on.


Before you wish others’ happiness, wish your own happiness.  

Even you use good words outwardly, if you still repress true colors, your stagnant emotional energy will ruin you.

If you step into such worlds, the energy of the level of the worlds will come to you and you will be stuck by the binding of the worlds.

Those in the know, know it very well. ( you might experienced already)


I guess there are many such people even among readers of Maaya’s blog.

There are many things I can’t write clearly.


Actually, my family are out-there, but that’s why my family’s Hado(wave motion) and energy are light truly and we live freely.

I hope you will be able to taste the pleasant feeling.  We will hold an event in Osaka.

We will inform the details later.

From Maaya’s original blog on Oct. 13. 2011