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Tonight Healing –“restraint about human relations”

Maaya Village TERAKOYA(seminar)【Sub: Controlling emotion & relationship】 will be held on July 12 2014.

(Besides emotion and relationship, we held Trauma, raising children, ego, meditation and awakening too)


Of course, the subjects are important for people who don’t attend TERAKOYA as well

Most of people keep leaving the root cause as it is, they think of

“I would like to be bound to wonderful partner!”

“I would like to be liked by others!”

“I would like to be pretty!”

“I would like to be rich! “

“I would like to succeed! I would like to be an able person!”

“I would like to change myself!”

and they only do partial? single symptomatic treatment for the cause.

Therefore, they can NOT get satisfactory results.


Mysterious methods, clinging to something and worshiping…

With just those…see?…we are not primitive men…


We living in the present age and in these developed science and civilized days, and wise human won’t understand that we can make dream come true with them, will we?


The action is like that:

Leaving kitchen garbage — > Rotting smell— > Covering up the smell by fragrance.


Even you jet fragrant agent, it still smells…



If you would like to resolve rotten smell (PROBLEM),

First you open the garbage— > second, knowing what is giving out a stench — > Removing the garbage (CAUSE)


There are many people who don’t know even the action of “Opening a trash can”.

“Opening a trash can” is viewing myself objectively.


Consequently….it will be that true myself views false myself

Actually this is the way to awake…..


Well, such a content, I will deliver to you in an atmosphere of freedom, laugh and humor 😆



Introduction became too long.


『怨憎会苦』 “ONZOEKU”


As Buddha said, people have difficulty with human relations in any period.

Actually, it will be salutary experience for you…

Maaya Village TERAKOYA (seminar) shall share measures for that to you, but today I would like to lighten your hard “restraint about human relations” even a little bit by remote healing.


See you tonight at 9:00PM 🙂


From Maaya’s original blog on June 23 2014