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4. Energy, Consciousness and 波動[Hado in Japanese, vibes,wave motion] world

I stepped foot in a spiritual world with my dearest wish of “I would like to spend normal life!”

Yesterday my acquaintance said,

“You sought the world seriously”

“Yes, as I had to investigate it to live a normal life. I didn’t do it as today’s enjoyment or play…”

Also, who ordered my 2nd book just now mentioned:” I am sensitive to energy as previous Maaya, and….”


To unravel invisible world for real, salt, mantra or spell doesn’t mean anything.


If you would like to unravel invisible world for real,

it is that “How you use ‘consciousness’”, “What dimensions your consciousness can reach” and “How much your ‘consciousness ‘has freedom”.


To stand up to the invisible world, we have to travel to the invisible “consciousness”.


With what descriptions, words, metaphors, how I can deliver these things to you who have never experienced as mine and how I can navigate you to the similar state as mine…is my next year’s challenge.


If you really grasp these structure, you will be able to obtain “freedom in this universe”, so I am very earnest♪


The end

From Maaya’s original blog on Dec. 24 2010