Daily Archives: 2015-05-27

It is something important

There are machines measure invisible things like Hado[波動 in Japanese, wave motion, vibes], etc.


Surely, the machine can measure things within the rang of developer’s understanding.

Therefore, Hado world can’t be measured by the machine developed by who don’t know Hado.


If I were asked that what human being are,

I would say ” Human Beings are sender and receiver.”

We are able to sense various information by our various organs, consciousness, sensors/antennas.

Also, we can send them as well.

Exactly, we are “sender and receiver”.


Therefore, we have nothing to do but to use our sensor/antenna to measure what machines can’t perceive/measure.


It is wonderful that such machines are launched, because it can show invisible things as visible things to people who only believe visible things.

However, there are still a lot of things machines can’t perceive and measure, so we have to improve our sensor/antenna.


If we could pass such wisdom and information gained thorough our sensors / antennas brushed up to human beings on this globe,

nothing could be happier♪

From Maaya’s original blog on Jan. 6 2011