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First, you have to remove your blockage…you can’t connect to the universe

I have never stuck to material, money, my emotions, others’ presence and people in my blood relationship.
I am light and cold about those.

The more tenacious and greedy you are, the more you reach a dead end.  I am not constipated, I deliver clearly what I want to and I don’t hold on to my past. My streams are smooth and light.

In Ayurveda, it is called “Srotas”: We have process of food digestion and absorption. We have vessels as blood vessel and lymph fluid. Like that, can you imagine that there are invisible vessels such as energy flow, chakra and so on?

Well then, when I view people I can see their blockages: of course they have toxins in own bodies. Also, they have karma, past, trauma, emotion, spirit, mind, thought, prejudice, frame they built and forced to believe, complex, dissatisfaction, patience, heavy notion, stubborn ideas, energy, souls of dead people, entities in invisible world…

They hold too much.

Under the situations, 波動[Hado, vibration]from your notion and body, your soul’s Hado, your living stage, your dimensional space won’t go up at all.

Your sensor/antenna won’t be improved. You can’t catch wonderful information scattered in the universe. You won’t be able to notice your marvelous wisdom within you…

Therefore, I think that nothing will start as long as you have blockages.

As if to prove it, our users who have Maaya Village products do detox often.

Thank you for your advice. Thinking of it, my father had loose bowels as well.  My families were doing detox 😉 Until new wind starts to blow, I hope I can enjoy this detox.  I am looking forward to getting MV card 🙂

This is one of the messages to Maaya Village.


Yes, have fun 😉

From Maaya’s original blog on June 27, 2011