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An object is INFORMATION, too. This time, it is a printer

I heard that a printer in Maaya Village office hadn’t run well since yesterday.

A technical expert checked it, and we found out that the printer was broken.

Also, my secretary said that she couldn’t print out today as well, so my partner was trying to buy new one.

Before we try that,

“Ah, I will try to fix again”


Then, I tried to fix the printer remotely. Well, it was fixed in a few minutes 🙂

I asked the about the cause (but to whom?), then I understood that the cause was the energy (the information from ‘it’), so I got the feeling that “it’s my turn!”.


Then,  I tried using my many telepathic methods to fix my home office’s printer that I focused in on.

Yes, by using my “quantum extra-dimensional remote healing”.



People of old said that “Objects have minds”, and I truly agree.

Describing the saying in modern terms and Maaya’s way,

“Objects are information”

“Objects are wrapped in information”

“Objects are influenced by information”


Moreover, human beings are just information and are influenced by its effect.


Therefore, I guess Maaya’s “Remote! High Dimensional Quantum Healing” is fixing your “negative information”, and you are changing for the better.


Well, for the first time I fixed TV, then a car, then an amplifier for music, then a printer….

I wonder if I may work in somewhere factory~

I may be able to fix causeless damaged machine? 😉

~~~From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 13 2014~~~