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Fortune-telling addiction

Sometimes, I see people addicted to fortune-telling.

You won’t be happy at all as long as you depend on fortune-telling,

because you will start to be concerned about various things and can’t take things in to your own hands.


You will start to be concerned about this person, that person, when you should move, when you should start a business, getting married, your future, your job, your family, your relatives, etc…


When you start to depend on fortune-telling or experts who give you advice about various things,

seriously you will be in a situation of:

“ Your consciousness is in prison”

 “ Your soul is in jail”

You will be the person who can’t decide anything by yourself…


What MV aims at is for you to reach the state of mind:

“I am the center of my own universe”,

“I use my consciousness as a tool”, and

“I extend my antenna to ‘宇宙純粋意識(Uchu Junsui Ishiki Ryoiki)’ ”.


Making your center and backbone strong and unshakable, extend your antenna higher and higher to the center of the universe,
and not being a slave of anybody, don’t give your power away to anybody,
and be independent and live your life confidently.

Don’t you think it is wonderful? 😛

~~~From Maaya’s original JP blog on Feb. 7 2014~~~