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Keyword of connecting to the universe★Degree of Freedom★⑭

”Connecting with multi-dimension”. “Okagesama world”.

~From previous blog~


I have never taken seminar to be channeler nor attended lecture to be able to read Akashic Record.

The only thing I did was removing “Good and Bad”, “Common sense” and “preconceived idea” in myself and made my consciousness free thoroughly.

I chipped off unnecessary things.


To put it simply, it may be better to be stupid.

If you are too intelligent, you would have a tendency to believe only thing you can think with your head.

If I have little freedom, full of captive things and my life is so-so regardless of my effort and intelligence,

I would like to choose a cool life which I live freely, challenge anything without captive things, being stupid, spending more pleasure and rich life with help of entities in multi-dimension.


By the way,

When you throw unnecessary things away, new space shall be created.

The space may be needed to communicate with multi-dimension.


We are endowed with receiver and transmitter like car-navi, and navigator which takes us to our destination may be the multi-dimensional entity.


We may call the entities “Okagesan” or “Okagesama”. (Japanese word. It means Thanks for something support and help us)


When we forget this and start to live by ourselves, we may feel “getting lost in the universe”.


Well, there are multi-dimensions and then there are multi-dimension.

Next, I would like to deliver it with my experience (^_-)

To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on July 5 2009