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Why do managers and companies adopt 風水Feng Shui?

I think you have heard of Feng Shui.(風水)

In Japan it is famous that Feng Shui was adopted for making Kyoto city and 徳川家(Tokugawake) in the Edo Shogunate of Japan. After Iysasyu Tokugawa won the battle of Sekigahara, why  he moved a capital city to Tokyo where had nothing at that time ?  And why Tokyo continues to develop more than four hundred years?
We can say that it is because the energy of the field.

Famous people and companies such as Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Donald John Trump and Starbucks adopted Feng Shui.
I believe they know the energy of the field is important.


Below is a blog published in 2016 by Maaya who perceives energy.

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The energy of field. It is the key of Success, Failure, Development and Decline.

One day I went out to attend a seminar. I had been exhausted the day before, but after the seminar I became: “I got energetic! I received energy and the energy of the field was very good.

The high energy for human beings to be energetic, bright and fine, to development human beings, and to refresh human’s feelings and bodies is necessary.

Thoughts and ideas when we are in such the condition lead to further happiness, success and fortune.

You understand that when you are in the opposite energy condition, you can’t go well, don’t you?


Going back to my story, I was very fine after the seminar, and I went to a restaurant on that day and I was in a good mood. However, a problem occurred later.

After the restaurant, we went to another shop with Shin, and I felt my body was heavy. I became tired and my nerves started to strain.

I asked “Did I eat and drink too much? Because I relieved, piled fatigue started to tell me?” to the information of the universe, but according to the information of the universe, it is not.

The store and owner were nice. However…

The information of the universe said “ The energy of the sore is low”

I absorbed developmental and fine energy at the seminar and I was in good shape, but in 30 mins my body and mind became heavy and I became in a bad mood and couldn’t speak at all.

My energy declined like that.


Of course, after I came back to my home, I recovered my energy.

Well the shop (field)was like energy vampire.

Perhaps, moving the shop to other place is profitable.

If companies, shops, working places or homes are located in too bad fields, in fields where too bad, health problems, developmental problems, business problems will appear.  

The day I joined a seminar was I understood the relationship between success and failure/ development and decline by my body.

From Maaya’s JP blog on April 26 2017