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Another Lucy and Professor X in Japan?

Hi all,

Previously, I introduced the MV session related to “information world”.
This time, please let me introduce the Maaya Village session scene related to “ADM”

What is ADM?

I am sure those who have never attended her seminar or session don’t know about ADM.
“The details of ADM can not be disclosed in this free blog, but if you would like to know a little bit, you may had better watch the movie Matrix . (It’s described that human beings are a source of energy. Why can human beings produce energy and what are the entities that need the energy?)

Actually, three (three colors) ADM had been on me. Before then I had a troubling inferiority complex and worried about many things that lay ahead of me. Because of that, my life had been like a machine which kept running without thinking (It’s like I was dancing to something), but a few years ago I asked Maaya to cut ADMs in Reborn Program!

Who can open about ADM which exists in high dimensional place?
Now you understand that it’s hard to describe Maaya’s ability by words such as psychic, empath or medium. Her sensor perceives far dimensional energy in the universe. This is the one of the reasons that people say this is the only session that Maaya can do.

I would like to introduce how Maaya sees ADM in her session and feedback from a client.

I can understand you by the color of ADM

Just by the color of ADM, I know the quality of the life you’ve led (and what your future will be if you leave ADM as it is), your financial status, occupation, and whether you or your family suffer from mental health illnesses.

Ms. A came to one of my sessions to seek advice for her family.
I started a session without any detailed information about her family, because I’ve never met him nor talked to him.

I started the session without information such as age, work, character, physical problem, like and dislike and what kind of problem he had. I can ask Ms. A, but even if I ask her, her view of point and focus is different from mine, so rather than asking her, perceiving information and energy is the best. It reveals more truth.

“I will get information about your family by the information of the universe. Please wait for while”

–taking the information of the universe–

“Your family is—, and  he has —- in —-. Well, I will tell you what color of ADM has stuck on him.

xxx color ADM

xxxx color ADM

xxxxx color ADM

He has three ADMs.

In case of xxx color ADM, most people have problems in money and work. Even if they can save money, something breaks and they spend more money eventually.

“Yes, you are right. He is the person”

“Also, people with xxxx color ADM, often have skin issues.

“Yes, “He is afflicted with atopic dermatitis”“I see. According to my data, there are many people like that”

This is the data which only Maaya Village has in the world.


ADM and the quality of life.

ADM and money/work

ADM and skin

ADM and brain.

These things have been made clear gradually.

“Because he has xxxx color ADM, his life has been tough. He also has xxxxx color ADM. In that case, most people or other members of their families have mental—“


“Actually, his sister has — disorder”

“I thought so. Due to the flow of —side of the family tree, he got xxxxx color ADM”

Seeing deeper part of one’s consciousness, the energy of family tree and information which flows in one and information world one has undertaken.

When I explore the deeper part of one’s consciousness, which contains energy from their family tree, information flowing in them, and information about the world he/she lives in, I can see the connection between him/her and ADM by advancing to a higher dimension. A connection between an individual and ADM indicates that their family tree is related to ADM. Also, brain disease is related to ADM, and a person’s family tree is related to brain disease.

Therefore, our problems can’t be solved by looking at them from a lower dimensional world (a visible world), because we won’t be able to identify the real causes.

The source of our problems are located in a higher dimensional world, so we can’t see it without raising our level of consciousness. ADM world is a very high dimensional world and its degree of abstraction is very high.

Solving problems from an extreme higher point is the best solution to transform the body and real problems, which are in a lower dimension.

From Maaya’s JP blog on January 27 2017

I wonder if you understood ADM and Maaya’s session.

The distant healing Maaya does is “Ku Healing”