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Transcend own ancestors! #1


 “Please don’t ruin your life by negative family-line information!

   Her life changed by just one card!”


It’s four or five years ago.

I led to an answer to full-fledged family-tree arrangement  to change her  life by the information of the universe  in a session.


However, I can read one’s energy, one’s feelings and the movement of one’s brain, so I can see through everything:

How much reliability one has to Maaya Village, how much one has relies on MV goods, the degree of understanding to an invisible world, one’s fear (or attachment) to money and the degree to which one blames others for that which one can’t control one’s life well.

Therefore, I thought:

It’s too early to tell her the truth. Even if I told her it, she wouldn’t be able to understand it.

Also, her reception to MV goods is low, so I am going to tell the truth lightly.
I don’t want to be treated like an unscrupulous medium”


Finally, I told her the truth, but people often stretch and twist the truth to their own advantage.


As I thought, she started to do full-fledged family-tree arrangement four or five years later since I told the truth, because of her financial condition and thought habits.


I guess someone who gave her a chance is her friend.

(The life of her friend transformed right after full-fledged family-tree arrangement)

Because of the support she received, she could do full-fledged family-tree arrangement finally.


Then, one day, she visited us for face-to face brain treatment…


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 2 2017